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Thank you for downloading our app, we hope you will enjoy the user experience and the service that we provide. If you wish to make any comments.....preferably good ones but we can also deal with bad, then please do so at support@mytotal.tv.

What is MyTotal TV

MyTotal.TV is an online live TV streaming platform that works on any android,Ios or windows device. We also have a 'dongle' that you can plug into the HDMI port of a TV and make it a smart TV that will allow you to stream our platform. Our platform operates worldwide, wherever you can get a Mobile or WiFi signal.

Our Technology

Our streaming platform works using propretory compression technology, this is what makes us uniqe. Using this technology we can compress a video signal by upto 20 times. When you use our platform to watch the streams you will see that we can opertate and supply the stream in very low band width, this means our service works when others cannot. And this is what it is really all about, having a great picture with no stopping and starting and a contiuous smooth experience.

Who should use MyTotal.TV

Well......everybody!!!.....MyTotal TV has no geographical boundries, it genuinely works all over the world. People who travel and want to have their favourite shows to watch. People in low signal areas that cannot get satellite or other transmitions. People who want a better and more customised service......these are all customers of MyTotal.TV

What is coming next

Lots and lots of fabulous things.......only, we need your support to make these happen. Would you like 'true' on demand TV? Well we have a facility, ready to switch on that will record every channel and show, that is on our platform. This means that you will never miss the broacast as you can go back to the recording and watch it whenever you want. This is already running on some channels. Would you like to be able to share your TV with your friends and family? We are developing MyTotal TV Share, that will allow you to do this, creating a virtual living room all over the world. Then we ask you to support our platfrom and spread the word of MyTotal.TV ­ only with your support can we continue to make the service even better than it is now.

Make MyTotal.TV, Your Total.TV


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