Share TV

'Share' TV is a new and unique concept that is in development by the MyTotal.TV team.

Share TV will allow any connected device (TV, Computer, Tablet, Phone) to share their screen live, with other connected devices.

Imagine that you are planning to watch some sporting event…..don't you want to watch this with your friends??? Perhaps you cannot meet with your friends or perhaps some are in a different country. Maybe the event is only available in a certain country or via subscription or Pay TV…. well 'Share TV' will resolve this. You just invite your friends to join you and MyTotal TV Share will connect you all together in a virtual living room and you can all watch the event together, from one screen…...LIVE!

We plan to make this service interactive so that all the participants viewing the event will be able to communicate 'live' with each other by voice and text.

If you wish to be one of our beta testers for this service in the future, then please send us your details below.

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