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What device I could use for watching MyTotal.TV?

You can use Windows or MAC PC, Android Tablets, smartphones and TV Boxes, Apple Smartphones, iPODs and iPADs

What is the supported operating system for MyTotal.TV?

MyTotal.TV is available for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, MAC.

Where can I use the app and watch TV?

You can watch MyTotal. TV everywhere, any country in the world over Wi-Fi or Mobile connection (even 2G connection will work). The Application might work well on Sat Internet.

What channels and what languages you can watch?

MyTotal.TV offers international and country specific channels on 12 Languages - English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian Serbian, Turkish, Hebrew etc.

Is the application free or paid?

The application is free as well as most of the channels we deliver.  MyTotal.TV offers Premium Ads-Free service with better quality, without ads and with additional adult channels.

What is the premium package?

The premium package of MyTotal.TV gives you Ads-Free service, Better Picture quality and access to additional (Adult) channels that are hidden for non-premium users.

Note: Premium package is open for users that are 18 years old and above!

How to subscribe to premium Package?

The premium package cost 8.00USD per month, but long-term subscribers enjoy excellent discounts. For more details visit our online shop

There are several possible methods for payment from the application:

  • – Pay by SMS (would be charged on your phone-bill) – this option is not valid in some countries.
  • PayPal – if you pay with debit/credit card.
  • iOS In-App – Payment via iTunes account.

How to pay for Ads-Free premium package?

There are two options:

  1. on our Web-Site:
  2. From the Application - You must open MyTotal.TV application. Then you click on locked channel titled: "Premium& Adult Access" and follow the instructions.

How can I activate the Premium package Using SMS (Fortumo)?

Select Payment by SMS and follow the instructions. After your payment you will receive code for activating your Ads-Free service

Note: Fortumo activation is for one month without Auto-renewal.

Important! After sending SMS you have to return to the Web-Browser and wait for activation confirmation or Activation code.

How can I activate the Ads-Free package using PayPal?

Select Payment by PayPal and follow the instructions. The system will forward you to PayPal payment screen. Once you have concluded the transaction our system automatically sends activation permission to MyTotal.TV App. In the next time you open the app, it would be already Ads-Free.

Note:Paypal activation is for one month with Auto-renewal. To cancel your subscription follow the instructions form this link: CANCEL PP

How can I activate the Premium package using iTunes?

Select Payment option and follow the instructions. Once payment transaction is concluded the app will automatically be enabled with Ads-Free.

Note: Apple (iTunes) activation is for one month with Auto-renewal. To cancel your subscription follow the instructions form this link: CANCEL iTunes

I purchased subscription using iTunes but haven't received code, what should I do?

In some rare cases there is a failure in communication between iTunes store to MyTotal.TV system and the activation is not processed successfully.

To resolve this issue we need to know your device UDID.

Please follow the instructions on the link below to retrieve your UDID. Please send the UDID with explanation of the problem you have, to

How many devices can I use with my subscription?

The basic Premium package for one month is valid for one device only*.

If you wish to activate up to 3 devices please check our premium packages on our Online shop

*If you are using several devices with iOS you are able to use your subscription on other devices with the same OS by using the "Restore" button on the payment menu.

What is the personalization?

The personalization is a unique feature allowing you to watch only channels and programs that you want and remove any un-needed channels.

There are several options for personalization: None, Automatic and Manual.

How to make a personalization?

You should first be registered on our site AND logged is with the device you are using for watching TV.

If Personalization is set to none, you will receive all available channels on your play-list.

If personalization is set to automatic, the system will automatically personalize the channels according to your profile.

If personalization is set to Manual, you can select your preferred channels manually.

Is the personalization paid?

No, personalization is free.

Is MyTotal.TV going to offer more channels soon?

MyTotal.TV adds new channels all the time. In the near future we will launch our Share service that will allow every user to share TV channels with his friends and with himself.


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